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Temple of Juice

By / Photography By Maria Khoroshilova | March 14, 2018
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Greg Gould didn’t plan on starting a raw, organic juice business. He was asked to. After he and a friend started juicing together in May 2015, he was impressed by how good he felt. He shared his passion for juice with friends, and one asked if he could purchase juice from him. Greg was reluctant, but agreed. Then he posted on Facebook to see if anyone else was interested. 

After receiving a flood of responses in a few hours, Temple of Juice was born.

Inside Temple Doors

Greg, who is also a musician, describes art as an opportunity to foster a sense of connection among people. Art, whether music or painting or literature, acts as a catalyst to create, in his words, “a shared experience that allows us to connect, to find common space, to see the world in a certain way.”

Food also can serve as such a catalyst, and Temple of Juice is a testament to that. Evidenced in Greg’s conversations with customers, the coaching on which juices will be a good fit and the camaraderie of taking juice “shots,” creating and sustaining connections is a foundation of the business.

Blend and Be Well

For Greg, the benefits of juicing were immediate.

“I instantly felt better,” Greg said about his introduction to juicing. “It was an instantaneous response of, ‘This is what my body wants.’”

Temple of Juice blends are not pasteurized, nor are they cold pressed, as is common in commercial juices. Greg discovered that certain produce works best with certain juicers and he opted for a more creative approach to his production. Each ingredient is juiced individually and then combined into the final blend. The method, Greg says, is more involved, but the result is a juice that he knows from experience is packed with nutrition and health benefits.

“It’s a pretty laborious process and we don’t get the yield we would out of an industrial cold press machine. But what I know is that when I drink our juice, I feel better.”

There are three primary blends offered through Temple of Juice: Green, Beet and Carrot. Each blend has a specific niche—green for gut health, beet for energy and carrot for antioxidants (as well as a boost to skin, hair and nails).

Each of the three blends is also divided into three levels. Level one juices are targeted at the novice juicer, designed so that natural sweetness (from apples or carrots for example) is a dominant flavor. The level two and three blends still have that sweetness but incorporate more savory, spicy, powerful flavors into the mix—think ginger, turmeric or cayenne.

Greg understands that the more intense flavors may not work for everyone, at least not at first. To find the right fit for each person, Temple of Juice also offers coaching. This is an option for those who may not know where to begin or who want guidance incorporating juices into their daily routine.

A Personal Path

Greg began juicing as a way to take his health into his own hands—an honest and hopeful attempt to feel better. He now is sober for almost three years. He quit eating meat and committed to working out. Mentally, he says he feels sharper. Physically, he says he is healthier, and chronic health problems essentially aren’t an issue anymore.

“I’ve had chronic skin issues my whole life—psoriasis, eczema, rosacea—and I’ve basically cured all that without any medicine.”

Hippocrates’ “Let thy food be thy medicine” serves as a tagline for Temple of Juice and is a testament to the health benefits Greg has experienced through juicing. The name, Temple of Juice, is rooted in the idea of the body as a temple, as sacred. The idea for the name came out of conversations Greg had with a friend on how their spirituality is connected to health. 

“When I say spirituality, I mean my connection to my friends and to family and to what I do. It’s really centered in how I treat myself, and how I treat my body.”

You can find Temple of Juice at 260 Market St., Suite B1, New Albany, Ohio 43054; 614-758-7449
templeofjuice.com or on facebook.com/templeofjuice; Instagram: @templeofjuice.

Article from Edible Columbus at http://ediblecolumbus.ediblecommunities.com/shop/temple-juice
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